The Ladies' Memorial Association of Montgomery, Alabama, was organized April 14, 1866 and designated April 26 as Confederate Memorial Day. A Confederate Memorial Day Program has been given consecutively since April 26, 1866 at Oakwood Cemetery.

Purposes of this association include perpetuation of the continued observance of Confederate Memorial Day and preservation of the monuments and cemeteries pertaining to the Confederacy.

A quotation taken from the REPORT OF THE LADIES' MEMORIAL ASSOCIATION OF MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA, 1866-1901 is as follows:

“The Memorial Association should always exist. Let its members be the guardian angels of the monuments we have erected, and ever direct the annual ceremonies in memory of our honored dead. Memorial Day is ours. The decoration of the graves of our soldiers and the monuments to the dead is the prerogative of Memorial Associations, and should be ours forever . . . “

All ladies who appreciate their Confederate ancestry are eligible to be Active Members of the Association. Interested men are Associate Members.

Dues are set by the Association and, in 2010, are $10.00 per person due in January of each year.

Officers shall be chosen from the membership upon the recommendation of the (present) Memorial Day Program Committee serving as a nominating committee.

Officers shall be:

President, who serves as Chairman of the Confederate Memorial Day Program Committee and looks after the general obligations of the Association.

Vice President, who assists the President and serves in the absence of the President and if the President is incapacitated and can not serve.

Secretary-Treasurer, who takes care of financial affairs and correspondence for the Association.

Term of office shall be two (2) years and each officer may serve more than one term if such is considered advisable. New officers shall assume their duties by June 15th of the year of their election.

Should an officer feel it necessary to give up her responsibilities, a letter of resignation should be presented to the President.

The Ladies' Memorial Association of Montgomery is the oldest women’s organization in Alabama and one of the oldest in the South. The Confederate Memorial Day Ceremony is held on April 26th of every year at Oakwood Cemetery, in Montgomery, at 2:00 P.M. The public is cordially invited.

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